If you are looking for a wet dry vac, at shifu.com we can recommend the one that adapts to your needs

Until not long ago, it was unthinkable to have a wet dry vac for the home. The equipment available was designed for industrial use and not only had a very high cost, but its dimensions and weight made them uncomfortable devices difficult to handle.

Fortunately, smaller versions have emerged, which are adapted to domestic use and allow us to have the versatility of these machines for domestic cleaning.

Of course, its power is lower than that of a wet dry vacuum for industrial use, but they respond very well to the typical needs of a home. In fact, a power of 1000 watts is more than enough to ensure adequate absorption of dust.

The fact of offering the possibility of sucking also the liquid elements gives them a differentiating advantage, which will be very useful when cleaning areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

At shifu.com we took on the task of analyzing different models to help you choose the best wet dry vac according to your needs. We consider key aspects that go beyond its power, such as, for example, its ease of use, accessories and extenders that allow it to be handled more comfortably, its weight and dimensions, which will influence the space needed to store it, and others such as energy efficiency and the noise generated by its operation.

After putting all these factors in balance, in light of its pros and cons, we have a couple of winners. However, remember that the final decision will always be in your hands because depending on the use you are going to give; you will be more suited to one or the other team.

For those who are looking for a small and portable wet dry vac cleaner, our recommendation is Shop-Vac 5986000, with a stainless steel body. This model is very light, easy to store and very powerful for its category.

If on the other hand, you need a device that you can use both at home and, for example, in a workshop, the 12-gallon Vacmaster can offer you the power and capacity you need.