Understanding the idea behind jui residences showflat

The jui residences showflat was designed to ensure that features around the jui residence area is conserved to preserve aesthetic structures and site. The structure is sited by the serangoon road, along the Kallang River. Close to the structure is the national aerated water bottling company, which forms a border from the city and giving the structure flank that covers it from the buzz of the city. This area is mainly residential area, and therefore makes the structure a residential structure. The Kallang River is aligned with trees that make the other part of the structure, well aired and cool. This provides the serenity and calmness, you would find with is structure.

The Kallang River is another feature of the structure that makes the property a very strategic location; it is one of the longest rivers in Singapore. It is known for its historic and cultural value, therefore placing a premium on this location. The residences in these areas enjoy the idea of owning assets in these high priced areas. Getting a jui residence showflat at this time, would be having a buy at the best periods in the market and watching your investment go up with time.

The other historical structure on the side of the jui residence is the l-shaped, building, which is known as an art déco styled building. This building is made up of a signage tower, the transom panels, the fair faced brick parapets on the balcony and it’s amazing sun shading ledge. These buildings are conserved because it would most likely be adapted and integrated into the jui residence development. With the idea of an adaptive reuse to capture and preserve this historic monuments while also building a top class property around it. Bringing all this together forms a structure around an environment that depicts a blend of conservative and vibrant design.