Canadian talent developed in the United States,

is a symbol of tenacity and effort.
Born 58 years ago in Ontario, Canada, but with American parents Oliver Platt has become an icon of American cinematography. His popularity has earned him several awards from the academy.
Despite being born in another country, his parents took him to the United States very small. He traveled to different countries in Asia and the Middle East because his father was an ambassador and his mother was a social worker.

Because his father was a diplomat and his grandfather an architect, Oliver Platt was destined to study something related to these professions. But being in Japan, with only 9 years, began his concern for art and interpretation.
He graduated in Drama from the University of Tufts, taking his first steps in theater productions, with a play at the Punch Line Theater. In 1999 he played the role of Hector Cyr, along with Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman in the movie “Lake Placid”.
Its beginnings in the television were in the main paper of “Deadlineā€¯ that was transmitted by little time. Reappearing in the program “The West Wing”, this performance earned him two Emmys and a Golden Glove.
Oliver Platt played a businessman in the feature film “The Ice Harvest” in 2005, helping to increase his heritage and his fame in the film field. He was also a candidate to receive the Screen Guild awards.
His life changed when he met Hank Azaria at Tufts University, the actor who became his best friend and helped him boost his career. His private life goes on without scandal and in a very calm way. He is married since 1992 and has 3 children, Claire, Goerge, and Lily.
He has more than 40 films to his credit, from 1988 to 2016. These films and the SAGA, Golden Globe, Screen Guild and Emmy awards have contributed to the value of the actor’s assets worth 4 million dollars.