Game Play Has Changed Drastically Over Time

The word play until about a decade ago meant games which involved physical exercise. Playing games like cricket, badminton, basketball, volleyball was considered as playing. Now the term is used even for games at home which you play on your computer. With the increase in video games and gaming consoles, there was a drastic reduction in kids wanting to play outdoors. It was made compulsory to play outdoors so as to get in some form of exercise. With the increase in indoor video games there was an increase in a sedentary lifestyle and health related issues became more common place.

But as long as one realized that not all kinds of video games could harm the body or the mind and if one was careful in his choice of video games for himself or his family, he could be rest assured that these games could also be very useful in certain ways.

For example, a person was able to get a PC game like Minecraft for free and as he sat down to understand what it was all about, he realized this game could help his child’s thinking capacity.

The child then got his friends to come along and play with him and they in turn went back home and asked their dads for the same game and some of them were lucky to get a download of minecraft free during a special offer period.

These kids were able to enjoy some games which helped them back in school turning them into creative kids.

There are also indoor games like scrabble, card games, board games, monopoly, puppet shows and craft making that can keep kids occupied for hours and also give your TV and video a much needed rest. Indoor games can also be very useful in terms of improving word power and honing thinking skills.